Development and Construction Loan

Why Axis Capital Partners

  • We help our clients navigate through the ever changing banking appetite for property development and construction funding.
  • Our networks include not only the major banks, but also second tier and private financiers that can have a more flexible approach to property finance.
  • We can help you no matter where you are in your project cycle - from providing some feedback on your feasibility assessment to letting you know which funders may be of interest given your current presales.
  • We will be realistic in terms of communicating pricing and process expectations so there are no surprises.

Development and Construction Loan Adviser in Melbourne

If you are looking for a development and construction loan adviser in Melbourne, Axis Capital Partners has the right financing solution for you. We understand the frustrations faced by developers and we utilise our extensive networks and proven methodology to show our clients how to maximise borrowings, structure their equity and overcome pre-sales hurdles.

Axis Capital Partners has access to a number of financiers and we are not limited to major banks. In fact, our development and construction loan advisers in Melbourne have access to many forms of development funding which can suit almost any circumstance and includes both senior and mezzanine finance. This includes major banks, private funds and other peripheral lenders.


Axis Capital Partners were very easy to work with. They helped me to get the business loan when I needed the most. Thanks to them, I could get the required amount quickly and it really helped in expanding. I really look forward to work with them whenever in financial distress. I am too grateful.
Axis Capital Partners in Melbourne has been extremely cooperative and approachable to work with to deliver flexible loan options. Gerald assisted me to secure my first purchase (I was seeking home loan) in August, and in addition to talking financials, he is a knowledgeable investor himself and is always eager to walk through the numbers. Thank you Gerald!