Trade Finance

Why Axis Capital Partners

  • We are specialist working capital advisers with many years of experience in helping companies procure stock via trade finance.
  • Our advisers can assist you with reviewing payment mechanisms to ensure you maximise your liquidity.
  • Our expertise can help you with minimising your risk exposures, whether it be related to counterparty risk or foreign exchange risk when dealing in offshore jurisdictions.
  • We focus on helping you fund the working capital gap between procuring stock from your suppliers to collecting cash from your customers.
  • We have expertise in dealing with you whether you are an importer or exporter.

Trade Finance Broker in Melbourne

Are you looking for a stock finance advisor? Do you need some expertise in relation to import or export finance? At Axis Capital Partners, we are experts in financing international trade and can be your specialist stock finance adviser.

Axis Capital Partners can arrange flexible finance structures to deal with cash flow funding gaps, covering the time between buying goods from an offshore supplier to collecting the cash from your local customers. We can also assist in reviewing payment mechanisms and alternate structures to maximise liquidity.

We are also specialist export finance brokers who can assist companies in facilitating growth in foreign markets to help your system grow. We can structure cost-effective methods of funding your cash flows and working capital. Some can refer to us as trade finance brokers, but refer to ourselves as working capital specialists and can tailor a trade finance package to suit your individual needs.


Axis Capital Partners in Melbourne has been extremely cooperative and approachable to work with to deliver flexible loan options. Gerald assisted me to secure my first purchase (I was seeking home loan) in August, and in addition to talking financials, he is a knowledgeable investor himself and is always eager to walk through the numbers. Thank you Gerald!
Axis Capital Partners were very easy to work with. They helped me to get the business loan when I needed the most. Thanks to them, I could get the required amount quickly and it really helped in expanding. I really look forward to work with them whenever in financial distress. I am too grateful.