Invoice Finance

Why Axis Capital Partners

  • As part of our working capital expertise, we can advise you on how to accelerate your receivables book and to turn them into cash upfront via debtor financing.
  • We will assist you to fund the right debt structure to help fund your growth or restructure.
  • If you don't have enbough real estate security, don't worry - this form of funding does not require property to secure the limit.
  • Debtor finance is a flexible product and provide you with additional leverage you otherwise may not be able to access.

Invoice Finance Broker in Melbourne

Invoice Finance can reduce your working capital pressures by accelerating payment for outstanding invoices. This style of business funding is great because it helps growing businesses fund expansion without the requirement for real estate collateral.

At Axis Capital Partners, we are specialist working capital advisors which includes our invoice finance brokers based in Melbourne.

Benefits at a glance

  • Flexible funding option that leverages your accounts receivables and reduces the reliance on traditional real estate security.
  • Access to debt can grow as your sales increase.
  • Manage cash flow without offering ‘early payment’ discounts to customers.
  • Use property assets to build personal wealth instead of locking them into the business

At Axis Capital Partners, our debtor finance advisors know business is personal. Our aim is to assist our clients to increase their cash flow and liquidity requirements to meet growth aspirations.

Our debtor finance advisors can also utilise these structures to help you if you are in a period of turnaround and require funding to recapitalise your balance sheet. Invoice finance can also assist with these scenarios.


Axis Capital Partners in Melbourne has been extremely cooperative and approachable to work with to deliver flexible loan options. Gerald assisted me to secure my first purchase (I was seeking home loan) in August, and in addition to talking financials, he is a knowledgeable investor himself and is always eager to walk through the numbers. Thank you Gerald!
Axis Capital Partners were very easy to work with. They helped me to get the business loan when I needed the most. Thanks to them, I could get the required amount quickly and it really helped in expanding. I really look forward to work with them whenever in financial distress. I am too grateful.