Investment Loans

Why Axis Capital Partners

  • Investments loans are constantly changing with the banks ongoing review of this loan class. We are here to help you make sense of all of this and to provide you with the best investment property loan to suit you.
  • Our networks allow us access to over 40 lenders in the market to get you the best deal.
  • Our focus is not only on interest rate, but also flexibility and structure.
  • We will constantly review the market for you and ensure you are always getting the best deal.

Investment Loan Broker in Melbourne

Some call us investment loan brokers, but we consider ourselves advisers. At Axis Capital Partners, we pride ourselves on being the best investment loan lenders in Melbourne. Our expertise becomes even more valuable in the current market with banks and financiers changing rates on an ongoing basis which makes it hard to keep up. We have ongoing relationships with many lenders who consider us investment property loan experts and work with us to get the right solution for our clients.

Why Choose Us? We understand the ever changing metrics in the investment property loan market. We will use our expertise to get you the best deal.


Axis Capital Partners were very easy to work with. They helped me to get the business loan when I needed the most. Thanks to them, I could get the required amount quickly and it really helped in expanding. I really look forward to work with them whenever in financial distress. I am too grateful.
Axis Capital Partners in Melbourne has been extremely cooperative and approachable to work with to deliver flexible loan options. Gerald assisted me to secure my first purchase (I was seeking home loan) in August, and in addition to talking financials, he is a knowledgeable investor himself and is always eager to walk through the numbers. Thank you Gerald!